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A batch lasts for 3-4 months.

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Functional areas of business, where you can help assigned mentees. You this is the most important part. These entrepreneurs have worked out the tech and product, but generally lacks business fundamentals.

Areas of Mentoring - Product Management

Such entrepreneurs have worked out the tech and know what to build, but need support on to manage that product.

Area of Mentoring - Technology.

In case, you can help on global outreach, which are such geographies?

For mentoring Vertical specific product companies - Which industry you can help in?

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If yes, type of funding where you can help actively.

Can you help them in their preparation to perfect their pitch?

Right presentation to the listener is very important. Setting the right context, narrating what they want to listen is very important to crack a deal. Many a times, entrepreneurs needs to be skilled on such soft matters.

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