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Your Views

Better Off: West Lothian Anti-Poverty Strategy is West Lothian’s current approach to tackling poverty locally. The strategy was developed in 2012 and set out a plan to address poverty over a five year period between 2012 and 2017. We know that addressing poverty is important to West Lothian residents. In the recent 'Transforming Your Council' consultation, minimising poverty, the cycle of deprivation and promoting equality placed third highest of the eight priorities set by the council to improve the quality of life in West Lothian.

As the current strategy reaches an end, it will be reviewed and refreshed to take account of the changing nature of poverty and the issues of most importance in West Lothian in the near future.

We are now seeking views from people living in West Lothian to help shape a new, refreshed anti-poverty strategy. We want to know what you think about poverty related issues, particularly if you have experienced challenges in your life relating to financial difficulties. We are also interested in hearing your ideas about what we can do at a local level to help people experiencing poverty or money worries.

Your views are important and will be used to help develop an action plan to address poverty and deprivation in West Lothian.