National Intern Day - Internship Program Nomination Form
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National Intern Day is an initiative by Internship&Trainee Marathon, a project powered by

One of the 2023 objectives is to emphasize the importance of internships, for candidates and employers alike. By means of this initiative, we aim to celebrate interns and increase the visibility of internship programs offered by companies.

This special day is to be celebrated on May 23rd 2023. It is on this particular date that, along with other initiatives, we will launch "Best Internship Programs in 2023" of which your company has the opportunity to become a part!

We are thrilled to invite you to register your internship program by filling in the form enclosed below!

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- Registration is available until 01.04.2023, which is followed by the time-period designated to the public voting process
- The jury's evaluation will amount to 70% of the total score obtained as a result of the questionnaire having been completed, while the remaining 30% will consist of the public vote.

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