Consultation Questions for West Lothian Suicide Prevention Action Plan
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The West Lothian Community Planning Partnership are supporting the West Lothian Mental Health Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention working group in developing a suicide prevention action plan. It is important people who are having suicidal thoughts , and those who have been bereaved by suicide, get the right help and support they need. Suicide prevention is everyone’s business; we are united against suicide.

Please complete the following questions to let us know how we can better work together to be united against suicide here in West Lothian.

1. Please tell us your age category: *

2. Do you live in West Lothian: *

If yes, which ward do you live in? *

3. Do you work in West Lothian?

If yes, please tell us where: *

The Scottish Government suicide prevention leadership group has set out six framework domains (see below). We would like to hear your thoughts on how we can implement these in West Lothian. How can we work together in our communities to implement these on a local level here in West Lothian:

a. Promote good mental health and mental wellbeing *

b. Tackle mental health inequalities , stigma and discrimination *

c. Support people in distress or crisis *

d. Promote resilience and recovery *

e. Prevent self harm or suicide *

f. Improve the quality and length of life for people living with mental ill health *

4. 4. Would you be interested in learning more about suicide prevention? *

If yes, how much time would you be willing to spend in a training session?

5. Would you be interested in any other mental health and wellbeing training? *

6. If yes, please tell us what specific aspects of mental health and wellbeing you would like to learn about?

7. As we cannot deliver face to face learning opportunities at the moment due to Covid -19, would you be able to access online training via zoom/skype/teams?

If you, or anyone you know are experiencing mental health difficulties, or having suicidal thoughts, support is available from the following sources:-

- Your local GP
- NHS 24: 111 (free, available 24/7)
- Breathing Space: 0800 83 85 87 (free, available 6pm-2am Monday to Thursday, 6pm Friday through to 6am Monday)
- Samaritans: 116 123 (free, available 24/7)
- Childline 0800 1111 (free, available 24/7)

Thank you