NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards 2020
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Welcome to Emerge 50 Awards 2020!
This is the 12th edition of NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards, a marathon search for India’s Most Innovative Top 50 Emerging Software Product Companies. And, we are going to make it big. Emerge 50 has become a synonym for the high caliber innovative product companies that are creating large enterprises and run for the long haul.

We invite you to be a part of this successful journey. Nominations for Emerge 50 2020 Awards will be evaluated on these parameters:

• Product Excellence: Emphasis on Innovation, Technology, Value Differentiation, Design.
• Market Excellence: Understanding of Markets & Target Audience with Focus on Customer Opportunities
• Business Excellence: Co-founders' Credibility, Growth Parameters & Attractiveness to Investors.
• Vertical Excellence: Focus on Industry-Specific Products, like FinTech, HealthTech, AgriTech, EduTech, AdTech, etc
• Technology Excellence: High caliber usage of the latest technology, AI, Big data, AR-VR, IoT…

1. The following application is applicable to ONLY INDIAN IT Tech COMPANIES.
2. All information is critical for adequate assessment. No separate exercise for gathering information will be carried out.
3. Incomplete forms will not be accepted for further evaluation. It is the responsibility of the companies to ensure that the form has been completely filled in for further processing.
4. If you have any queries on the nomination form, please contact

Important Notes:
• Click or copy and paste the following link in your browser's address bar to view the form: You may wish to go through this before taking up the application. This is for reference/preview only and applications have to be submitted online on this page only. Please do not e-mail your applications to us.
• Please use the ‘Next’ button below for online submission.
• You may interrupt the application in between and chose to come back later to start from where leave. To interrupt in between and resume later, PLEASE NOTE YOUR ACCESS CODE (TO BE GENERATED ONLY AFTER COMPLETING THE FIRST SEGMENT) GIVEN ON TOP RIGHT CORNER OF YOUR SCREEN BEFORE CLOSING THE WINDOW. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO INPUT THIS CODE WHEN YOU RESUME LATER. However, it is always preferred to fill the form in one go.
• Please click on Submit button at the end to record your application. Once the form is submitted, you cannot make any changes in the same.
• If you wish to make any change, you will be required to fill the application form again. We will consider the form submitted later in any such case.
• Please review the form before submitting using ‘Prev’ and ‘Next’ buttons.