NETs Land and Countryside - Cemeteries Services - Customer Survey
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We aim to meet the needs and expectations of our customers by providing a service of the highest standards in the management and maintenance of cemeteries, including the provision of a burial service and the maintenance of war memorials.

So that we continue to meet your needs we hope you will take this opportunity to comment on the service you have received from us.

Q1 - How would you rate the presentation of the grave and burial area upon arrival at the cemetery?

Q2 - How did you find the standard of grounds maintenance at the cemetery?

Q3 - How would you describe the communication with the cemetery service (telephone, email, letters etc)?

Q4 - How did you find the attitude of our employees, in terms of respect, helpfulness, and understanding of your feelings?

Q5 - How would you describe the ease with which you could identify and contact our employees?

Q6 - How do you rate the quality of information you have received regarding this service?

Q7 - How do you rate our employees professionalism and knowledge in dealing with your enquiries?

Q8 - How do you rate the speed and efficiency of our response to your enquiries?

Q9 - Do you feel you are treated with fairness and sensitivity?

Q10 - Please rate the service provided to you with regards to:

Excellent Good Adequate Poor Very Poor N/A

Q11 - Please rate overall how satisfied you were with the standard of service you have received from the service.

Q12 - Do you have any suggestions or comments which could help us improve the service we provide?