NETs Land and Countryside - Parks & Woodland - Customer Survey 2020
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We deal in the provision of Country Parks Visitor Centres, visitor attractions and recreational activities within our Country Park estate.
Parks & Woodland monitors its visitor responses to ensure that opinions are taken into account when planning for the future. Please help us to improve our service to you by completing this survey. Thank you.

Where have you come from today? Please state postcode if from the UK

What tourist attractions in West Lothian have you visited in the last year?

Please indicate how many people from your group fall into the following age categories

0-15 years 16-24 years 25-44 years 45-64 years 65 + years

How did you find out about this facility?

Your location today?

How did you travel today?

Did you find your way here relatively easily, and if not why not?

If you have been here before, when was the last time you visited?

Have you visited the Country Parks in West Lothian? If so which ones.

Please tick the activities and facilities that you have used or plan to use today on your visit.

Would you visit here again ?

Do you feel you are treated with fairness and sensitivity?

If you have any suggestions for improving our service to you or you wish to make any other comment, please use this space to do so. Your views are important to us.

How would you rate the management of the woodlands & open spaces here?

Overall how would you rate the service provided by Parks & Woodland?

Do you have any further comments you would like to add?