NETs Land and Countryside - Play Area Survey
There are over 250 play areas in West Lothian, and over 100 public parks (most of which contain play areas). These range from small play areas serving residents in the immediate vicinity, to large Country Parks that attract visitors from all over the region and beyond. The council maintain and develop these play areas and parks for all, with the intention of providing a wide range of benefits, and ensuring they are safe.

If you want a direct response to a play area or park issue, for example, reporting something broken and/or unsafe, please use the following link instead of this survey:

This survey is intended to measure general public satisfaction with play areas across West Lothian and also to collect feedback on individual play areas and surrounding parks. This feedback can be used to inform investment as and when it becomes available. Typically, to ensure it remains fit for purpose, an individual play area will be reviewed for potential investment (by the council) every 10 years.

Q1 - Town Park or Play Area name

Q2 - If not on list above, please give the town name, and the park or play area name

Q3 - Overall satisfaction with the park or play area

Q4 - Why do you visit the park (tick all that apply)?

Q5 - What do you like about the park or play area?

Q6 - What do you dislike about the park or play area?

Q7 - What would encourage you to visit the park or play area more often?

Q8 - Overall satisfaction with West Lothian’s public play areas