NETs Land and Countryside - Public Parks and Play Areas - Customer Survey
There are over 100 public parks in West Lothian. These range from small local parks serving those in the immediate vicinity, to large Country Parks that attract visitors from all over the region and beyond. The council maintain and develop these parks for all, with the intention of providing a wide range of benefits, and ensuring the parks are safe.

Further information on how the council develop parks:

This survey is intended to measure general public satisfaction with individual parks. In addition, it also helps gather suggestions for park improvement. If the council, community group, or any other organisation identify new funding to improve a park, these ideas will be made available to inform this improvement.

If you want a direct response to a park issue, for example, reporting something broken and/or unsafe in a park, please use the following link instead of this satisfaction survey:

Q1 - Town and park name

Q2 - If not on list above, please detail town and park

Q3 - Why do you visit the park (tick all that apply)?

Q4 - Please rate our play areas in relation to the following:

Excellent Good Adequate Poor Very Poor N/A

Q5 - Please rate the condition of the public parks within your community

Q6 - Please rate the overall satisfaction with the public parks and play areas within your community

Q7 - What do you like about the public parks and play areas?

Q8 - What do you dislike about the public parks and play areas?

Q9 - Is there anything that would encourage you to visit the public parks and play areas in your community more often?

Q10 - Please provide your name and contact details if you have queries you would like us to come back to you on.